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Floor Lamps

1960s Film Studio Light


Completely restored 1960s Film Studio Light.  Made by French company LTM.

This Light still had original the 10,000 Watt bulb fitted when we found it.  It would have been used in film studios and used and film sets.

We have restored this to a great finish.  It has been completely stripped of original paint.

It has been powder coated and polished to this great finish. We have rewired it so now it can be used with normal low wattage ES lamps.  Wired with new black flex cable and Mounted on a Tripod.
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Rare WW2 Vintage Bartow Runway Landing Light


This is a genuine WW2 Runway Landing Light.  We have completely refurbished this rare Light.  It has been paint stripped an the re-powder coated in this great Antique Silver finish. 

We have replaced all the Nuts and Bolts for new Brass ones.  It has been rewired and is now fitted with a BC lamp holder, so now it can be used with normal domestic lamps.



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1930s General Electric Sunlamp

This is a genuine Very Rare 1930s General Electric Sunlamp, originally from the USA.  Made in the 30s designed to keep you healthy in the winter, by emitting the same rays as the Sun. Please see the original advert for this Light its the last picture below.

We have had the complete Lamp stripped and Polished to this very High Standard.  We have removed all the original wiring and lamp equipment.  It has been completely rewired and is fitted with a ceramic ES E27 Lamp holder so now it can take a wide selection of normal lamps. 



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Vintage Golf Club Lamp

This Vintage Golf Club has been converted into a table lamp.  The cable is run through the the wood of the club then up through to the handle.  It has then been mounted to a solid wood base.

It is fitted with a BC lamp holder, wired with black flex fitted complete with in-line foot switch and black plug.



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Par 16 Theatre Light


We have taken a modern Par 16 Chrome Theatre Light and mounted it to a Vintage Camera Tripod.

It uses a GU10 Lamp and is fitted with black flex with inline switch terminating into black moulded plug.



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