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Specialising in Vintage Lighting Hire and Vintage Light Sales.



Vintage Theatre Lights

We have a large quantity and range of Vintage Theatre Lighting, that have been fully restored, rewired and ready for use.

Musical Instrument Lamps

We have a number of old Musical Instruments which have been carefully converted into Lamps.

Vintage Industrial Lights

We have a selection of Vintage Industrial Lights, which have been restored, rewired and ready for use.

Vintage and Retro Lights

We have a large selection of various Vintage and Retro items which we have carefully converted into Lights.

Unique Designs

We are always coming up with ideas and producing Lights, so do come back and keep checking for new Lights.

Your Designs and Ideas

We always welcome designs and ideas from you which we would be then happy to try and reproduce the product. If you have any ideas please contact us here